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International relations department


 In the short history of Uzbekistan's transition to independent development, great achievements in the field of education and economy have been achieved. All reforms undertaken in the country are aimed at improving the well-being of our people, including the country of our country. The changes in Uzbekistan's socio-political life are the establishment of diplomatic relations with foreign countries, recognition by the international community as an independent state, and the growth of economic, political and cultural ties with foreign countries, as well as science and technology, a large-scale partnership in the field of education.

At the present time many foreign grants, programs and programs are being developed and introduced in higher and secondary special education. As a result of this cooperation, new technologies are being introduced. Many experts are in the prestigious educational institutions abroad, and have been trained to introduce new teaching technologies.

The International Relations Department of the Andijan State University was established in the years of independence and was further renamed in 2006. International Relations Department is administered directly by the University Rector. The staff of this department are the head of department and Methodist.

Andijan State University has achieved many successes in international cooperation. Involvement of international partners into the university, participation in various foreign grant programs has become an indispensable permanent life of all faculties and departments of the University. The university administration has developed a project called "Foreign Partnership", according to which young scholars have been trained and studied at prestigious universities abroad. A special group was established in all faculties and departments of the University. Accordingly, the young scientists who were attached to the faculties were identified, their specialty, a foreign colleague in the field of research, and sent to short-term training.


Establishment of close cooperation with foreign universities, research centers, institutes of higher education, research laboratories;

Facilitating the University by establishing a leading position among the universities of the Republic by expanding international relations. To help the university improve academic and academic performance both internationally and internationally;

Attracting foreign investment into the university, organizing training workshops, strengthening academic ties, introducing students and foreign literature to meet modern requirements;

Students and professors have been trained at world-renowned educational institutions, gained experience by participating in international grants and grants, studying the latest academic and scientific experiences providing the most appropriate alternative to education. Implementing such goals will ultimately improve the quality of education.



 The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan provides execution and execution of orders, modems and instructions concerning international relations.

Ensures that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan issues letters and instructions and prepares reports.

Establishes and develops contacts with accredited diplomatic corps, representative offices and donor organizations in Uzbekistan.

Organizes and carries out contacts between Andijan State University and foreign higher education institutions and scientific research centers in accordance with the established procedure, contract, memorandum, protocol, agreement.

Coordinates the activities of foreign experts, academics and partners visiting the University.

Attracting foreign investment to promote education.

University professors, researchers, masters, and students regularly participate in foreign grants, scholarships, and participate in competitions.

Supports and co-ordinates documentation for university faculty, interns, researchers and senior researchers.

In order to increase the scientific potential of the University professors and teachers, the Republican and foreign fund, including the Fund "Istedod" of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, ITEC, MTSP, CCI, ERASMUS +, SIDA, JICA, KOICA, UNESCO and others coordinates the participation of international organizations and educational funds in competitions. Together with foundations, it is planning to hold joint scientific conferences, joint scientific projects.

Supervises communication with academic staff, trainee researchers, and senior researchers on international scientific journals and international conferences, in consultation with the academic department of the University. Together with the funds, he is organizing joint scientific conferences and scientific projects in collaboration. The department of international relations in cooperation with foreign organizations creates language centers in our university and provides training for foreign nationals. Currently, KOICA volunteers from South Korea have organized Korean language courses.

The International Relations Department of the Andijan State University operates on the basis of its annual plans for the development and promotion of these goals and objectives. Therefore, the Andijan State University has established links with more than 20 leading universities and educational institutions in foreign countries. In particular, the London Metropolitan University, Norwich University (UK), Dalnevostok State Technical University, Yaroslav State University, Institute of Optics and Optics Technology of Novosibirsk State Academy of Geodesy (Russia), Seoul National University, Vusuke University (South Korea), Tokyo University University of Mays, University of Guttenberg (Germany), University of Pisa (Italy), Athens Sociological Research Center (Greece), University of Ghent (Belgium), Gorlovka Foreign Languages ​​Institute (Ukraine), MARA Technology University (Malaysia), Hyderabad Institute of Science and Management (India), Almaty University (Kazakhstan) and others. In future, a plan of educational, scientific and practical cooperation with Norwegian University of Oslo, California University of California, Valencia University of Spain, Perm University of Russia, Tuluza University in France, Riga University in Latvia and Bruney's University of Brunei are being developed.

Over the past 5-10 years, about 70 students, masters, researchers, trainees, researchers and professors have been trained in prestigious educational institutions abroad, improved their qualifications in their fields, and participated in scientific conferences they have successfully participated.

Heads of embassies and representative offices accredited in Uzbekistan for acquaintance with the educational process, land improvement works of the university and exchange of views with professors, teachers, masters and students in scientific and educational-methodical areas, , Famous scientists from Uzbekistan visited the university. Ambassador George Krol, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of South Korea to Uzbekistan, Mr. Chon De Van, Rector of Russia's Dalnevostok State Technical University, Professor Kim GN, Head of the V.Guogo Training Center, Professor Olive Gyom, Professor Vacho Oxinata, professor of the Center for National Education of China, ethnologist Yang Shi Min, professor of Pisa University Anatrina Ayzak, project coordinator of the European Union Erasmus Mun High-profile guests who visited the university told lecturers on their experiences and directions to university faculty, trainee researchers, masters and students. In addition, since 2012, open communication and exchange of opinions were held with the participation of prominent universities in South Korea and Russia, as well as students and professors of the Andijan State University. The meeting involved 63 teachers, students. A Korean summer camp was organized under the leadership of the University's volunteer Li Se Kang in the field of international cultural cooperation, and invited guests from all universities in the Fergana Valley and Seoul National University in South Korea and organized a cultural event.

Foreign Affiliate Organizations. KOICA is one of the closest foreign partners and one of the many investment companies in the university. The main task of KOICA is to establish cooperation in the fields of economy, culture, education, sports and medicine between South Korea and Uzbekistan. KOICA has been working with Korean volunteers in order to establish close contacts in the field of higher education. Andijan State University has established cooperation with KOICA in October 2008. From 2008 to 2013, four volunteers have been trained at the university: Wolves on Information Technology and Computer Literacy (Yung Hyun Ju) (2008-2010) and Kim Sang Khan (2009-2011). Be Se Jin in the field of Korean language and culture (2010-2012), Li Se Xiang (2012-2014). KOICA has established a Center for Information Technology (2008-2012) for the purpose of developing information technologies and developing electronic software in the amount of $ 50,000 and investing $ 16,000 in the creation of the Korean Language and Culture Center (2012-2012). -2014). This center received educational literature from Korea's Seoul University and organized a training laboratory. Two volunteers have been teaching Korean language at the center, which provides opportunities to move closely with Korean language and culture. It not only allowed the students to study Korean language, but also university students and academic lyceum students at the university. One of our achievements is the fact that the Center's students are awarded 1st place in the Korean Language Culture Contest organized by KOICA.

During the 2011-2012 academic year, two talented students of the Faculty of Philology, Imomnazarova Shahlo and student of Foreign Languages Department Soy Elena, during the 2012-2013 academic year, Chen Angelina, a student of the Faculty of History and Social Sciences, studied summer semester at the Seoul National University in South Korea they returned. TEMPUS and the Erasmus Mundus program of the European Union are one of the foreign partners of the University for 8 years. The Tempus Program organizes workshops for university professors, researchers, masters and students to regularly fund foreign grants, scholarships, and participate in competitions. As a result, in 2012 Andijan State University has become a grant holder for the Tempus program. TuCHEA - "Improving Structural Adaptation and Improving the Quality of Education for Building Higher Education in Central Asia" project started its work. The project will be implemented in 2012-2015. The aim of the project is to coordinate Central Asian higher education with European Higher Education, with a focus on partner countries and, in turn, and evaluating its implementation. The project cost is 746,000 euros. The main foreign partner is the Belgian University of Ghent, the University of Pisa in Italy and the Groningen Universities of the Netherlands. In 2013, the University allocated 10.280 euros for the purchase of office equipment and professional development of professors and teachers at European universities The Faculty of Foreign Languages actively participates in international programs and has established contacts with British Council and British universities. Currently, students studying English in the framework of PRISETT program are trained on the basis of new pedagogical programs. German Language Department DAAD Program is continuing its regular scientific and educational relations with Geote- sure Institute and together with leading German universities.

Faculties of Chemistry and Biology, Physics and Mathematics, Foreign Languages and History and Social Sciences are actively involved in international grant programs.

At present 5 projects of 3 international organizations are being implemented at the university.

  1. KOICA, South Korea. "Establishing a Korean Language Teaching Center" (2014-2018). Project Volume: $ 16,000 (US $).
  2. European Union Erasmus + Program.

1) "Improving Capacity through the Bologna Process for the Implementation of IATC - Institutional System for Quality and Typology" (2015-2018). Project volume: $ 24,600 (USD).

2) "ModeHEd - Reforming Medical Education at Universities" (2015-2018). Project volume: $ 46.200.

3) RENES- Development of Master Program in Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainable Environment (2016-2019). Project volume: $ 68,600 (USD).

III. US Embassy-funded English Access Microschoo Program S-42800-14-GR-102 international grant (2015-2018). Project volume: $ 46,800 (USD).

The goals and objectives of the projects,

achieved achievements.

  1. "Establishing a Korean Language Teaching Center". The Center for Korean Language is functioning at the University's Faculty of History and Social Sciences. Korean volunteer Kim Eol is teaching Korean language at the center. The students who have successfully mastered the Korean language have been studying at Korean universities at the University of Oxford, Kim Angelina (2013), Kim Maksim (2014), Obidov Qudratillo (2015). Under this project, Andijan State University has established academic cooperation with South Korea's Seoul National University, Son Mun University, and Jongbuk University. In addition, Abdurakhmanov Murodjon Kyonhi, the head of Marketing and Information Service at the University's Information Resource Center, graduated from the National Research Center (2015), Doctor of Biology, Doctor of Biology, Noralieva Nasiba in Korea (2015).
  2. The main objective of the IATS project is to enhance the quality of university-led subjects, primarily the curricula of the European Union, and the Bologna process. Currently, the Czech Agrotechnical University is the main coordinator of the project. Therefore, the first meeting was held in the Czech Republic from the university: Nurmatov D. - Head of the Department of Economics, Abdullayev M. - Assistant Professor of Economics, Abdurahmanov Murodjon - Head of Marketing and Information Service Department of Information Resource Center, Alimov F - Head of International Relations Department. Within the project, it is planned to set up two training laboratories and provide them with modern technical equipment.
  3. ModeHEd - the curriculum of a number of subjects, such as Valeology, Fundamentals of Medical Science, Youth Physiology and Hygiene, Sport Medicine, and curriculum in accordance with European standards through the reform of medical education at the University, aims to introduce students to modern science. Within the project, it is planned to bring org technics, various medical equipment and laboratory equipment. Currently, Dumayeva Z. Aliyeva, R. Kholmirzaeva M. and coordinator F.Alimov are participating in the project. Project Coordinator is Layptsix University, Germany. In the future (in November, 2016), a meeting with participation of project participants is planned in Germany.
  4. US Embassy-funded English Access Microschoo Program. The project is mainly aimed at organizing English language classes for school-aged children and is being held at the main office of the Foreign Languages Faculty of Andijan State University. Project Coordinator D. Akhmadaliyeva - Senior Lecturer at the Department of English Language and Grammar. Team teachers: Gavharoy from Israel, Nigora Nigora, Israilova Dildora. Within the project, it is planned to bring office equipment, various textbooks, linguaphone laboratory equipment.



University researchers are expected to publish scientific news in international conferences as in major international scientific journals. Development of the European Union's Erasmus Mundus projects It is planned to launch student and teacher training with leading European universities.

As a result of participation in a new project on the Gorizont -2020 program, the organization of financial support for the implementation of innovative ideas of young scientists and researchers, acquiring international experience and implementing advanced ideas. The Department of International Relations is closely cooperating.

For information on international relations and cooperation, please, contact wolffar7@mail.ru

e-mail or by phone at +99893 7877150.



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