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2017-12-09    8634

Our nation has a lot of ancient traditions, customs     and human values. In fact, they show the real Uzbek character. Uzbek people are very hospitable and love children. It is considered to be an ancient heritable tradition to go and see the poor and sad people and trying to make them happy.

The group of activists on the leadership of the leader of the Uzbekistan Union of Youth of the faculty of Pedagogy I.Boltaboev went to Izboskan district in order to see the poor and sad children on the 3rd of December, the International Day of disabled people.

As well as we went into the first family house we met Asilbek Nazirjonov and Nazokathon Usmanova who are in form 1. They were so happy that we could even see the happiness in their eyes and felt their gratitude from their warm words.

Their parents told us that they were feeling sad thinking about their future. They felt fear if some day they ask why they can’t be equal with their friends of the same age. Their mother said that some organizations and the group of university students visited their house and tried to give children an opportunity to learn to read and write.

The activists of our faculty together with the leader visited 20 more children who need a special care and gave some presents and teaching aids. By doing so the youth want to show that they are patriots and always ready to help everybody who needs help. As long as the first president of our Republic Islam Karimov said “Benefaction should be done by everybody and everyday”. Because his words “Our children should be strong, more educated and happier than us” has already become our motto.

Gulchexra ZOXIDOVA
Mass media leader of the faculty of pedagogics of "Uzbekistan Union of Youth", the student of the direction of BTSTI
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