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2018-03-27    9332

IRC in cooperation with the faculty of Philology, department of Uzbek language and literature of the university organized a measure at small conference hall dedicated to Navruz holiday and 103 years of anniversary of birthday of Zulfiya. Yo.Toshpulatov opened the ceremony with his welcome speech. He congratulated all the participants and gave a brief information about the history of Navruz. Then students of the group № 330 continued by telling poems by Zulfiya dedicated to the spring season.

Then the turn was given to senior teacher of the faculty of Philology Halim Karim. He explained the true meanings of Zulfiya and gave information about the history of Navruz. He told that Navruz is one of the ancient holidays and it still contains our national customs, traditions and values. He spoke about the specific features of Navruz, and added that it is an equality of the day and night and every family in Uzbekistan celebrate this holiday and always try to organize different kinds of games, measures and others. Students also mentioned that Navruz is one of the traditional holidays of Uzbek people and is considered as one of the holidays of refreshment, awakening and goodness.

Then video was shown for the audience. Video contained the true life style of Zulfiya. Senior teacher of  the faculty of Philology, department of Uzbek language and literature L. Jalolova took her turn to speak and told that she is also one of the funs of Zulfiya’s activity and reads her poems regularly and advices students to do so. After that the students of the faculty sang national Lapars (national, small length songs) and songs. At the end of the measure exhibition of newly brought books was organized. Participants made a good impression of the measure and told that they liked such occasions very much.

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