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2018-12-05    8137

In this life, many people who need someones assistance. These are disabled people, that is, people with disabilities. They have their own views on the world, they see it in their paints, in their own color. But, despite their restrictions, many of the bottom are trying to be a useful society. We do not have to leave for the society, and vice versa, our debt-to involve them in public events so that they feel someone needed. We, sensible people, should help them find their restrictions, many of the bottom are trying to be a useful society, awaken in their heart love, hope and faith in yourself, interest in life.

To this end, students of the pedagogical of pre-school education 106,102 groups under the leadership of teacher of the “Ibn Sino” line center at the ASU visited the specialized preschool-53. There got education of children with deviations of speech and hearing. They warmly met us, were very pleased with our visit. For the pupils of the institution, students of 106 groups demonstrated performances, played them with various games. Winners were awarded prizes, and children were given gifts.

They eyes of the children was visible joy and gratitude. This is a meeting, I hope they deliberated their great pleasure. The leadership expressed great gratitude to the participants and organizers of the event.

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