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2018-03-26    9545

It was emphasized to organize master classes and lectures in foreign higher schools by professors and experienced teachers according to the PD-2909 “On measurements of developing the system of Higher Education ” on April 20, 2017 of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Measurement plan was worked out by the department of International relations of Andijan State university. According to this plan the list of academicians, professors and doctors of sciences was created (the number of them is 15).

According to the signed memorandum between Andijan State university and Osh State university, 15 professors and teachers were invited to have scientific lectures on required majors of that university.

Not long ago academician S.Zaynobidinov, professors I.Asqarov, M.Umarxo‘jaev and G. Hoshimov had been to the university and had lectures with persons working for doctor's degree, young research workers, persons working for Masrer's degree and graduate students.

Academician S.Zaynobidinov gave advice by his lectures to young scientists, persons working for doctor's degree, postgraduate students on specific majors like microelectronics, solid-state physics, physics of semiconductors.

He invited all persons working for doctor's degree, young research workers to the meetings of academic dissertation council working at Andijan State university as well as to prepare projects in cooperation with Erasmus + on nanotechnologies in the future.

DATA center activity at Osh state university made a deep impression on the members of Andijan state university. It is worth to mention that to control all the students of all faculties, their contract fees, library attendance, and systematized daily information of student attendance, created special permit cards.

Professor I.Askarov had a lecture on achievements of chemistry and organic chemistry with the students of the faculties of Natural Sciences and Geography of Osh state university.

Professors M.Umarxujaev and G. Hoshimov had lectures on actual problems of teaching foreign languages, new scientific directions in the linguistics, comparative investigations, dictionary compiling and assessment with the students, persons working for doctor's and Master’s degree, young research workers of the faculty of International Languages and Culture of Osh state university.

Professor M.Umarxujaev had a lecture on phraseology, lexicology and problems of Modern Germanistics with persons working for Doctor's and Master’s degree. Professor G. Hoshimov had a lecture on actual problems of theory of Translatology with the 4th year students of the faculty of International Languages and Culture. Scientific laboratory of theory of translatology made a deep impression on the members of the delegation of Andijan State university. At the end of the visit authority of Osh state university thanked to Academician S.Zaynobidinov, Professors I.Askarov, M.Umarxujaev and G. Hoshimov for their advice, support and lectures for  persons working for Doctor's and Master’s degree, young research workers and students. They told that they hope to continue and develop the fruitful cooperation in the future.

Authority of Osh state university again invited to Kyrgyz Republic, four professors and teachers of Andijan state university Sh. Yusupova (pedagogics), S.Mirzaeva (philology), M.Xalilova (psychology), N.Noralieva (biology) in order to continue cooperation and have scientific lectures. In the future we are going to make cooperation with Hujand state university, Tajikistan and Miras university, in Chimkent, Kazakh Republic.

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