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2018-01-13    8443

In Andijan city big marathon was organized under the motto “Our national army is the school of braveness and strength of youth” on the occasion of the day of defenders of Motherland and 26 years anniversary of Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

This marathon was organized with high spirit by participation of military units of Andijan region, soldiers of department of Andijan regional association of “Vatanparvar”, students of higher and secondary education and so on…

In the competition firstly soldiers started marathon, then state schools under the department of Public education. After them pupils of sport schools.

Competition continued between students of secondary education. Hundreds of students run to finish in order to be winners. Then students of higher educational establishments went on the marathon. Of course, youth who completely showed their own skills and reached the finish firstly. Fortunately, our ASU students also commomly participated in marathon.

Our students won and proved their strength among other students of higher educational establishments.

At the end of marathon esteeming party was organized in Andijan Olympic Reserves college. This celebration opened by Shuhratbek  Abdurahmonov, governor of Andijan region. He congratulated everybody on the occasion of the holiday of Defenders of Motherland and gave presents to the winners.

In this celebration performance of armaments was also organized which are being used by National Army, and Military technics of all items

During this party winners were given the presents and diplomas by Andijan regional government of behavior and sport organization. After that everyone amazed by performance of several sports masters and soldiers, then they continued the celebration with songs and dance.

All in all the marathon ended with good mood,  we hope this kind of marathons will help to improve young generation’s love to the Motherland.

Winners of marathon

Female participants:

  1. Muzaffarova Gulnigor (1st place)
  2. Anorboyeva Dilnoza (2nd place)
  3. Erkinova Gulsanam (3rd place)

Male participants:

  1. Rustamov Azizbek    (1st place)
  2. Hamdamov Hasanboy (2nd place)
  3. Karimov Jahongir (3rd place)  

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