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The majority of the population in Uzbekistan comprise Muslims. Ramadan is one of the most sacred months of Islam religion. That’s why this period is expected and spent with prosperity and plenty. Nowadays we can find and purchase anything we want in our markets. Especially we meet one of the most favourite fruit “date” a lot rather than usual.

What kind of fruit is it, how many useful features it has to humans’ organism and why do we have this fruit more in Ramadan? The doctor of Republic of specialized therapy and medical reliability of scientific and practical centre Mukhtorjon Ilyosov responds to these questions. He says: “Date – it’s food, remedy, sweet and juice.” Because of reducing amount of diabetes in person’s organism, there may appear need for food. And after having date this feeling disappears. If the fasting people eat date fruit before dinner, it helps to quench their need for food, keep balance on having a good appetite and prevent them from eating much at once. Apart from other fruits, date has 23 types of amino acids. For instance, (triptofan) amino acid keeps normal balance on functional and mental condition of brain. As a result activity of brain cells work faster, prevents from sclerosis. Gluten amino acid reduces stomach acid. Glucose and fructose of date fruit (26-55%) are sucked with vitamin V5 in organism, it makes you full and strong and also set up whole system of brain and nerves completely.

Unlike other fruits, date has no cholesterol. Its energetic power can be 142-274 calories if it’s fresh. It contains up to 77% of dry substance and considered to be low-calorie product. So you can have it instead of other sweets and it doesn’t cause to obesity. According to scientists, if a person eats 10 date fruit a day, it covers the amount of 24-hour needs for magnesium, copper, sulphur, iron and calcium. Shortly speaking, a person can live several years by having only date fruit and water.

During the process on learning peculiarities of date fruit to human organism, the following useful things are verified:

  • No any dangerous parasites, bacteria and microbes;
  • Its substances kill all the harmful bacteria which cause serious illnesses;
  • It improves on shrinking the womb of women so that they have less difficulties at the birth time;
  • It helps to have normal appetite;
  • It improves and renews the function of muscles;
  • It kills parasites if you have it when you are starving.

Certainly, people can live without having date fruit but it’s very useful product for our organisms. In fact, most of Chinese people who have been living for a long time eat date fruit a lot, Arab people honor this fruit as a “bread of desert” and make more than 100 types of meal made of date fruit. People love eating this product in Uzbekistan. Many dieticians give advice and recommend having date fruit for dessert. Besides, it’s been using as a treatment for a long time.

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