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Andijan State University has two pre-school educational organization, which operate based on modern requirements. Professors and teachers of the Department of pre-school education of the university are conducting observation and scientific research work in this organization, in order to make children healthy and mature in all aspects. It is also regularly involved in the educational process with the aim of passing students' practice. At the same time, students' children are admitted to this preschool educational organization based on a certain privilege. Students can pick up their children after completing their extra classes. At present time, the children of 120-160 students are educated in this kindergarten.

The state standard of education and training in this preschool educational organization stipulates the following:

* the purpose and main tasks of the state standard;

* the model curriculum of preschool education;

* the implementation of the state standard and monitoring compliance with its requirements;

* the state standard components, in particular:

- the state requirements for the development of children of primary and preschool age;

- the state curriculum of preschool education and upbringing;

- the norms for equipping state preschool educational organizations with a set of toys, furniture, equipment and other technical, rehabilitation tools.

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