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A plan of measures to be implemented in 2022 to increase the effectiveness of youth issues and spiritual and educational work was developed and approved at Andijan State University. In order to put the tasks given in this plan into practice, the main content of the activities carried out in the spiritual and educational sphere at the university during the academic year is to improve the social and spiritual environment in the society, to create a physically healthy and intellectually mature generation. to educate and bring up to adulthood, to inculcate the policy of peace, tranquility, creativity and creativity carried out by our government into the minds of young people, to educate students and young people in the spirit of love for the Motherland, our national values, independent thinkers, and respect national and universal values ​​on the basis of modern information and pedagogical technologies, special attention was paid to the task of educating young people who have their own life beliefs and views, are alien to our national mentality, and are able to resist harmful influences.

Education of students and young people in the university in the spirit of love and gratitude for the Motherland, the creative works carried out with the honor of independence, the incomparable importance of the achievements achieved in the socio-economic, political, legal, spiritual and educational spheres, the conditions and opportunities created for them a number of practical works were carried out to introduce the ideas of independence to the hearts and minds of the young generation.

Students of Andijan State University achieved high results in 2022 in the fields of the world and Asia. In particular, 43 of our students won prizes in international sports competitions and 103 in republican sports competitions. In addition, Umidakhan Ahmedova won 1st place in the nomination "Chairman of the Most Active Women's Advisory Council"; Tutor of the Faculty of Philology, Zulaiho Uzakova, 2nd place in the nomination "The best tutor"; Rohilakhan Nuriddinova took first place in the nomination "The most active and talented student of the year". The university team won the 4th place in the Marifat field republican competition.

"Five Important Initiatives" center was established at ARM University in order to improve the spiritual outlook of students, increase their interest in art, literature, reading, and create a healthy lifestyle. During the academic year, the activists of this center and the primary organization of the Youth Union organized more than 10 sports competitions, spiritual-educational events, as well as 17 round-table discussions, 11 visits competitions, social actions were held. In particular, within the framework of 5 important initiatives, 5 initiative rooms were created in each student residence, these rooms were provided with a material and technical base, and a "karaoke" room was established in student residence No. 1. Within the framework of the 1st initiative, the creative teams of "Students Theater Studio", "Kuvnog va Zukkolar" club, "Dutorchi Girls" ensemble consisting of students of musical education, and "Nihol" symphony orchestra have been launched in each faculty. folded Within the framework of the 2nd initiative, the sports club "ASU" was established at the university and registered with the state.

Also, a new mini football stadium was completed and put into use. The Sports Club is holding "Rector's Cup" sports competitions, mini-football, volleyball, basketball, athletics, chess-checkers, and table tennis championships for men and women. The 3rd initiative involved active students in the virtual space and organized the "Blogging skills" circle under the leadership of the university press secretary, and more than 15 young people engaged in blogging activities were united in each faculty. During the months of January and March, a competition of video clips was held among the faculties on the topics "Braves protect the homeland", "Great scholars", "There is a woman, the world is bright". In order to strengthen the activities of the "Internet literacy" and "Computer literacy" circles established in the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, master classes are being held in each faculty. In order to develop the activity of the club, 4 computer rooms and 50 computers connected to the Internet have been allocated to this club. Within the framework of the 4th initiative, discounted book fairs were organized every quarter in each faculty.

In the university, 2 book-reading student-youth clubs have been established, and regular artistic evenings, discussions, meetings with writers and poets are being organized. Within the framework of the 5th initiative, embroidery, drapery and tailoring courses were organized in the student residences of the university, and 35-40 students were included in each of them. In order to arouse the interest of students in national handicrafts, tailoring and other professions, 35 visits to vocational centers and tailoring textile enterprises were organized. Also, "Family School" trainings were conducted by women scholars at the citizens' meetings of 45 neighborhoods attached to the university.



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