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Psychologist of Andijan State University O.Mukhtarov Working plan for 2022-2023 academic year.
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The content of the work

Execution mechanism

Execution period

Those in charge ( responsible)

Expected result



Inform the students about the socio-psychological activities and psychological services of the University, getting to know the 1st year students of the higher educational institution.

Online roundtable discussions, webinars, seminar-trainings


Psychologist, dean of group tutors




Students get acquainted with the type of activity of a university psychologist, propaganda leaflets.


In faculties, all departments, the tasks of the psychologist of the higher educational institution, the measures to be implemented, social, individual, and the possibility of providing psychological support through the Telegram bot "Trust your secret" will be carried out.

Interview, (via the telegram channel of the university's online platform)


Psychologist, group tutors




It helps to form the development of modern "online adaptation in students.


Prevention of external and internal stress caused by some students during the summer vacation, tasks with the motivation of a psychologist, giving therapy methods (singing, dancing, physical education, reading books, yoga, walking, etc.).

The university's online platform is through the Telegram channel

Each month

Psychologist, group tutors, deputy deans, youth agency,

deputy deans, chairman of the women's council. group tutors, psychologist

Students will be able to spend their free time meaningfully while avoiding the stress that occurs in them.


Organize master classes and trainings for group tutors in cooperation with the chairman and members of the University Women's Council and a service aimed at keeping victims of domestic violence from unpleasant situations and getting out of difficult situations. To establish psych prophylaxis work in cooperation with group tutors

Module platform for training sessions

During the academic year

Psychologist, dean

Working with first-year students, in the process of student adaptation

practical help is provided in getting out of problematic situations.



The press secretary of the university, in cooperation with the tutors, draw up the social-psychological passport of the 1st-year students (the optimal version of the passport form will be delivered online).

Biographical information, determination of character, ability and temperament

October - November

Psychologist, deputy deans, tutors



A social psychological passport of 1st year students will be created.


Diagnosis of problems related to social adaptation of students in the process of distance education.

Online Test, Youth and Education Questionnaire (Appendix 1)

October - November

Psychologist, group tutors, deputy deans,

youth agency

A list of students with impaired social adaptation will be drawn up and the content of work carried out with them will be determined.


Gradual correction of students' mental development, behavioral defects, and damage, for this purpose, conduct training with them to perform neurotic exercises, develop their creative abilities. Conduct psychoprophylaxis of cybercrime

Timely elimination of psychological imbalance in the personality of the student is achieved.

During the year

Psychologist, group tutors, deputy deans, youth agency,

deputy deans, chairman of the women's council, group tutors, psychologist

Specific guidelines are developed and recommended for each person based on their individual psychological characteristics.


Online study of students' educational motivations, personal orientation, value system, trainings aimed at having an educational impact on the students of the group;

- conducting training in the form of educational activities with the participation of the pedagogical team

Learning motives, personal orientation, value system learning tests

During the year

Psychologist, group tutors, deputy deans, youth agency for work with youth

The educational motivations, personal orientation, value system characteristics of professors and students are determined, and proposals for making corrections to the educational process are developed


Psychological diagnosis of social processes occurring in students and pedagogical teams during webinars

Sociometry, tests related to the study of socio-psychological climate

During the year

Psychologist, group tutors, deputy deans, youth agency for work with youth

Constructive and destructive processes taking place in groups are identified and proposals are developed to eliminate negative characteristics



Carrying out practical work on the development of professional interests of 1st-year students through the Zoom program.

Social and psychological training


September, October

Psychologist, group tutors

Students specify their professional interests


Organization of individual, group, and collective consultations on education, development, training, professional formation and marriage, interaction, behavior and communication secrets, peer relationship and worldview, abilities, talents.

Psychological complex integrity is formed in university employees and students.

During the year

Chairman and members of the Women's Council, group tutors, psychologist

Individual group and collective discussions are organized on the issues of education, development, training, social formation and marriage, peer relations, worldview, ability, talent.


Work on the development of general and special abilities of selected students (this includes work with students who are trying to work on themselves and develop their psychological characteristics).

Skills are developed through socio-psychological training.

November, December

Psychologist, group tutors


Carrying out psychological preventive work on the prevention of delinquency and crime among students. Conducting a psychological survey to identify students with delinquency and criminal tendencies

Scientific-popular, spiritual-educational mini-lectures

During the academic year

Psychologist, group tutors,,heads of the Department of Internal Affairs and the Procecutor’s Offices

Offenses and cases are prevented


Organize a small lecture on "Psychophysiological mechanisms of suicide" for professors and parents and organize educational activities on suicide prevention. Conducting psychological questionnaires to identify students with suicidal tendencies. In cooperation with the chairman of the university women's council, organization of special measures to improve family-family relations (audio, video clips)

Relevant information on the topic

February, March

Psychologist, group tutors

Eliminates various unpleasant situations between students and improves their morale


Organize special measures to improve family relationships in cooperation with the chairman of the university women's council

Scientific-popular, spiritual-educational mini-lectures, meetings

During the academic year

Psychologist, advanced specialists in psychology involved

Improve family relationships


Providing mental support and psychological support to students with social protection needs, limited opportunities, and disabilities.

Organize individual conversation

During the academic year

Psychologist, group tutors

Increasing self-esteem, helping to overcome various psychological obstacles.


Carrying out psychological and psych prophylactic work with students who live in the students’ accommodation of the university.

Roundtable discussions, psychological training

During the academic year

Psychologist, group tutor, educators

Practical assistance will be provided to solve the problems of students living in CA



Practical demonstration of adaptation skills and environment organization for foreign students at the university.

Individual interview

During the academic year

Psychologist, group tutor, educators

Adaptation skills for gender equality are created at the university and CA


Participation in educational seminars for university psychologists organized by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education (Online)

through the ZOOM program

During the academic year


Increasing the psychologist's knowledge serves to increase the effectiveness of psychological services.


Working individually with professors-teachers, management staff, youth

Online, offline and educational

During the academic year

Psychologist, trade union committee,youth agency

There will be an opportunity to individually psychocorrect problems that have not been solved in a group.


To ensure that the work carried out on the implementation of this plan is widely covered on the Internet.

On the Internet, Telegram and Facebook networks

Every month according to demand

Psychologist, head of the Information Resource Center

Announcements, propaganda, report

Psychological diagnostics


General psychological analyses of students, including socio-professional adjustment with students of the 1st stage, identification and formation of interpersonal relationship in groups

Conducting socio-psychological, pedagogical questionnaires


Psychologist, group leaders

Socio-professional adaptation and the condition of interpersonal relations in groups of students of the 1st stage


Individual with students who belong to the “risk group” identified as a result of psychodiagnostic organizations of correctional work, determination of the level of the depression among high-risk students of the “Danger group” and conducting comprehensive psychotherapy on the diagnosis of psychological crises and the results obtained.

Organizing individual psychoconsultation, hold on special diagnostic methods

During the year

Psychologist, group leaders

Incident of depression among high-risk studentswill be controlled and all kinds of offense will be reduced


Hold on the questionnaire “The personality of the pedagogue in the view of students and demands to him”, studying and stabilizing the social and psychological health condition in pedagogical team.

To hold on anonym questinnaires, organize socio-psychological trainings, using the methods of therapy( Geshtal, Cognetive, bibliotherapy, etc.)

During the year

Psychologist, group leaders

The socio-spiritual condition is stabilized in the educational institution , and a healthy social-psychological condition is formed among the pedagogical team




According to diagnostics of mental condition of 1st year students held on formation and monitoring of their electronic base (psychological portrait).

Create electronic base of questionnaire accoding to dividing students to green, yellow and red colours.

During the year

Psychologist, group leaders

According to diagnostics of mental condition and character of 1st year students held on formation and monitoring of their electronic base (psychological portrait).


General psychological diagnosis of the student’s cognitive processes.( memory, attention, thinking, perception, imagination, etc.)

Using special methods

October, November

Psychologist, group leaders

Student’s cognitive prosseses are studied and further work is planned basedon the general psychological diagnosys


To have medical examination while providing psychological support at the university.

Organize interwiews

By plan


Studens will learn about benefits of medical examinations, treating diseases on time



Hold on correction work with students with difficult upbringing and character defects

Organizing of trainings , interwiews

During the year

Psychologist, group tutors

Positive aspects are formed in the education of students with difficult upbringing and character defects


Work on the practic work on developing of professional interests of the 1st year students.

Social-psychological training


Psychologist, group leaders

Students’ interests in their chosen professionwill increase


Preventing external and internal stresscaused by students with mental disorders by motivating them. Also, if the psycologistis motivates using sicialmethods through therapy, giving social assigments, setting an agenda, and testing the climateof distance education in the learningprocess, students and pedagogical teams are connectedwith social adaptation of social prosseses and psychological solutionof personal problem.

Taking test related to the study of sociometrics and socio-psychological climate through Telegram groups.

Each month

Psychologist, group leaders, members of Womens’ council

Prosses between students and teachers who have returnedfrom quarantine to adapt to the normal teaching process and their social stress is avoided


Conducting individual and group work in mastering the education profession and solving problemsrelated to the motivationalsphere of struggling students, as well as stabilizing the process of interaction in the pedagogical team, the relationshipbetween students and teachers.

Conducting interviews, questionnaires, psychocorrective test, sociometric method.

During the year

Psychologist, group leaders

Students who have difficult mastering the profession will be adapted to the profession and the process of interaction in the pedagogical team and relationship between studenys and teachers will be stabilized


Assistance in ensuring sicialpsycologicalrehabilitationof orphans and children deprivedof parental care.

Conducting interviews

During the year

Psychologist, group leaders

Social protectionof orphans and children deprived of parental care will be strengthened


Organization of practical application of “Psychotherapyof crisis situations”, “Telaphone consulting technique” method.


Interviews and consultations


Psychologist, group leaders

By using these methods studets developthe ability to get out crisis situations


Practical use of psychotherapy methods in the correctionof students with a tendency to use domestic violence and victims of domestic violence.

Use of therapy methods( ART, GESTAL, Cognitive, Bibliotherapy, etc.)


Psychologist, group leader, employees of military service

The number of students prone to domestic violence and victims of domestic violence will be reduced


Carring out methods of determining the level and types of aggression

Use of special methods

September, December

Psychologist, group leader

A list of aggressive students is drawn up, and each of them is deal with individually



To attract tutors and professors to the psychological service, to organize master classes to improve their initial psychological literacy. Establishing specific measures with the head of the educational institution regarding the identified problems.

Organizing of masterclass and trainings


Psychologist, group leader

The psychological conditionamong the pedagogicalteam stabilized


To provide anunderstanding of the specific features of the psychology of adolescence and to conduct individual workwith students who have difficulties in communication and lack self-confidence

Organizing of psychoconsultation

Once in a month

Psychologist, group leader

Students with difficult communication and self-doubt have a high esteem


Socio-psychological enlightenment


Maintaining social and psychological documents of students and participating in lecture sand reports on psychologigal problems at pedagogical meetings.

Get the recommended methodology and tests

During the year

Psychologist, group leader

The pedagogical team is provided with accurate information about the social and psychological condition of the students


conducting practical training “Psychological stress in the pedagogical team” and providing psychological support to teachers.

Work out and conducting a training program

November, april

Psychologist, group leader

Through training, psychological support is provided to teachers who are prone to mental exhaustion and burnout


Social- professional adjustment


Conducting the “Map of Interests” , “Holland” methodology, a special methodand analysis.

Using special methods

Based on the plan

Psychologist, group leader

The educational significance of the methodologies is applied to practice


Determining students’ professional abilities and giving necessary psychological recommendations, regarding the situation, remove development, general and special abilities of selected students, according their talents

Hold on special methods, psychoconsultations


During the year

Psychologist, group leader

To give instructions on choosing professions, orientations to the professions, love for profession



Arranging interviews, training, and correctional work with students with “deviant”behavior and their parents

Use special methods

During the year

Psychologist, group leader


To make effective cooperation “student-parent-education”


Improving the socio- spiritual environment in families in cooperation with neighborhood and family support departmenrs in the regions, raising a healthy and well-roundedperson by strengthening family values, and preventing negative tendencies in him


During the year

Psychologist, group leader, MFY (mahalla community)members


To strengthen relations between “family-neighbourhood-education” and eliminate the deficiencies


Providing psychologicalassistance and psychologicalsupport to familymemebers whohave committedsuicide or attempted suicide( especially minors in the family) in cooperationwith medical associations.

Individual interviews

During the year

Psychologist, medical staff


Developing of students with suicidal tendencies sense of love for life and effective use of given opportunities


Providing mental support and psychological support to students with disabilities who need social protection and have limited oppotunities

Individual interview

During the year

Psychologist, group leader


Providing of social protection of disabled students


Improving the psychological literacy of parents. To hold onregular relations with parents, assistance in psychologicalsolutions to existing family problems , and giving psychological recommendations to parents who find themselves in conflict situations with their children.

Interviews and consultations

During the year

Psychologist, group leader


The psychological literacy of parents is increased and conflict situations that may occur with their children


Carrying out psychological work with students living in student’s accommodations at the university.

Interviews and consultations

Whole academic year

Psychologist, group leader

The social and spiritual atmosphere in the student accommodation is improved


Helping and supporting the process of social adaptation of students studying at the university from abroad.

Round interviews, Psychological training

During the academic year


educators, group tutors


Ensure social adaptation of students from abroad


Carrying out with students the questionnaire "Self-evaluation, anxiety, rigidity and extroversion" by D. Maudsley, "Diagnosis of personality accentuation" by K. Leongard. Survey analysis individual work with students who are prone to burnout

Using special methods

During the year

Psychologist, group tutors




Identify and work with students who are prone to mental fatigue.


Training "Methods of psychological resolution of conflict situations"

Developing and conducting a training program

During the year


group tutors

Students develop rules of behavior in conflict situations


Giving a lecture, report on "Goals, tasks, problems and perspectives of psychological service in an educational institution" in the pedagogical team.

Presentation and report preparation

During the year


Communication and mutual understanding between the pedagogical team and students will increase dramatically

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