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2018-03-09    12013

According to the Presidential Decree and some resolutions on improvement of inner tourism, order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, statement of the university rector and dean of the faculty of History, candidate of history science R. Shamsitdinov organized a trip to Kokand city, one of the historical places of Fergana Valley, the capital of Kokand khanate with 20 talented students of the faculty on the 3rd of March, 2018, under the leadership of Deputy Dean on spiritual-educational affaires Ikboljan DJUMABAEV.

Firstly, according to our plan we visited Khan Orda (Castle) built by Khan of Kokand Khudayarkhan. Kokand city Natural History Museum building is located in that place, and the members of the museum showed the exhibits belong to the history of Fergana Valley, time of khanate and Soviet Union. 

Then we went to see the madrasah which was built by bosh vazir of Kokand khanate Norbutabek in 1799.

Madrasah contains 30 hujras and mother of bosh vazir of Kokand khanate Norbutabek gave her own money to build it.  There is a mosque just in the entrance and it has still been activating.

As long as the office of the head Imam Khatib of Kokand city is also situated in that place.  Near the Madrasah you can see the famous “Dahmai Shoxon” (Shoxlar dahmasi) and you can have a chance to go on pilgrimage of Kokand Khans, the graves of their family members, grave of Nodirabegim who was the mother of Kokand Khan Madalikhan (1822 – 1842) and wife of Kokand Khan Umarkhan (1810 – 1822).

After that we went to famous “Hukandi Latif” jame mosque which was began to build in the time of Kokand Khan Alimkhan and ended in the time of Kokand Khan Umarkhan. Veranda containing 99 huge columns and a 24 meter tower for calling Athan are being kept as in original.

The main purpose of the trip is to see the historical buildings, and architectural complex built by our ancestors, the exhibits belong to different social-economic, political spheres left as rich heritage by our ancestors. This shows that they are in great value in improving the feeling of patriotism of youth and the role of them in studying the history of our Motherland. In addition they make us learn how to save them as pupil of our eyes.

We planned to organize such trips and expeditions to different places rich in architectural complex of our Motherland in order to spread the impressions of our trip and to keep the continuity along other regions of Uzbekistan.

Students are very grateful to the university rectorate and the head of labour union of our university M.Botirov and the dean of the faculty R.Shamsitdinov.

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