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2018-03-07    8987

Look! Awakening and refreshing season –spring has come. God afternoon dear women of our university who are sacred and lovely creatures of God and persons who give beauty to this beautiful season with their delicacy-dear mothers, sisters and friends.

Thanks to God, I am very happy to see these days, and congratulate you with this holiday and wish you my warmth and deepest hopes.

Taking the opportunity, I congratulate all the woman teachers, dear sisters and girl students of our university with the 8thof March, the International Women’s Day and wish you good luck, success and development in your future activity.

Whenever we start talking about dear and sacred women, we always think about our Mothers who gave us an opportunity to see the world, brought us up with good intentions and we always want to bow before them. Mothers are of great worth saying that they are sacred and great. Therefore, we usually compare some sacred concepts with our Mothers- Motherland, Mother tongue, Mother Nature. 

Showing respect and esteem to the women is one of the national values of our nation. Although we work in different positions, and in different spheres we are very grateful to all dear and kindhearted women forever.  Our lives are good for the reason that, you are devoted, faithful and true.

To respect women is equal to respect the nation. Only kind women of ours help us forever to overcome any kinds of barriers and achieve our goals. The family and devotion, will power and spiritual braveness of Uzbek women is incomparable.

Cultural level of each society in the world is determined with its attitude towards women. That is why, in these days supporting the rights and benefits of women, to create appropriate working conditions and the problem of giving opportunity to show their abilities and talents is considered as a state policy.

241 of 597 teachers of our university are women teachers who has been working collaboratively in order to bring up the young and educationally developed generation. Let me thank all women who are in one line with us and working with us for their hard work.

My dears, no matter what you are and what is your position, all of you are very valuable for us.

I congratulate you with the great holiday of beauty- the 8th of March and wish you health, success and peace in your families.

One more again, congratulations.


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