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11 Yanvar 2018 yil, Payshanba
Ko'rilgan: 908

A travel to the Quva, which is one of the most famous city of Fergana region, was organized by the responsible authorities of Andijan State University. There were some members of the university including the members of the history and social subjects faculty, physics and mathematics, the professors of biology faculty and so on…

During the journey teachers as well as students went to the Khudayarkhan palace and some historical places which were built in the end of the XIX and in the beginning of the XX centuries and they investigated their history.

Additionally, the dean of the history faculty, the candidate of historical sciences, Ravshanbek Shamsitdinov introduced all the participants with  the great  astronomer, geographer Al Ferganiy and his great works on this subjects. Students got answers to their questions and they had an amazing impression! Andijan television company helped them to film about the travel.

At the end of the travel, professors and teacher decided to organize a visit to the sightseeing places of other regions of Uzbekistan during the winter holiday.



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